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Battery Services

Arizona experiences some of the hottest temperatures in the country, and your vehicles battery suffers. It is not uncommon to need a new car battery ever two years, regardless of whether you purchase an expensive, name brand or a value line battery. We are experts in testing your battery, in or out of your vehicle.

FREE Battery Testing
We are able to test your battery in or out of you car. We can also check to see if your vehicle is charging the battery properly if you can get your car over to our store. This test must be performed on the vehicle. For this reason, you should let an experienced auto parts professional handle your battery testing. For all your battery testing needs, call the battery experts at (480) 962-4211 or visit Rieth Auto Stores today.

FREE Battery Charging
When we test your battery, our diagnostic equipment will tell us if your battery is good , or just needs to be charged. If it needs to be charged we offer that service for free. For all your battery charging needs, call the battery experts at (480) 962-4211 or visit Rieth Auto Stores today.

FREE Battery Installation
Are you aware that an automotive battery needs to be replaced every few years? This is true no matter how often you take your car for maintenance. When the time for battery replacement comes around, most car owners don't have the time and necessary experience to install a new battery. We offer free battery installation on most cars and light trucks free of charge. In the event that we do not have the proper tools to replace your cars battery, we would be happy to recommend a local honest repair facility to install your battery for a fair price. For free battery installation call the battery experts at 480-962-4211 or visit us today.

FREE Battery Recycling
Since automotive batteries contain a number of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, dead batteries should be recycled to save the environment from pollution. Battery recycling is the process aimed at reducing the number of batteries being disposed of as solid waste. The process reduces the risks of soil contamination and water pollution. Rieth Auto Stores provides free battery recycling service. And in some cases we can even give you a few bucks for your old battery. Visit our auto parts store in Mesa, AZ 85203 or call us today.

Authorized Battery Warranty Center
We are an authorized battery warranty center for Carquest Batteries, Advance Auto Batteries, AC Delco Batteries, FVP Batteries and Interstate Batteries. In most cases, you will need your originals purchase receipt for warranty. So calls or visit the battery experts at Rieth Auto for all of your battery warranty needs.