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FREE Wiper Blades and FREE Installation

Although we get less rain in Arizona than most of the country, you need to replace your wiper blades more often. The extreme sunshine and limited use causes them to dry out and cause your windshield to streak when you finally end up needing them. This can cause a hazard if you get caught in a sudden 'haboob' and you can't see out of your windshield.

Come on down to Rieth Auto, and we'll fix you up with a set of new wiper blades for your vehicle and install them FREE of charge while you wait.

New Customer Special
If you have never visited our store, come in and ask for a FREE set of wiper blades for your car, and we'll install those for FREE. You can't beat that deal, FREE wiper blades AND FREE installation. This offer is good for most cars and light trucks and for new customers only.

Free Wiper Blade Installation